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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Happy New Year: Welcome to 2021!

Sunflower acrylic painting on marine plywood

Featured Art

Today's piece is an acrylic painting on a 24-inch square piece of marine plywood. The underpainting was done with traditional acrylic paint and brush techniques, and the details were completed with acrylic paint markers.  Some of the markers were purchased containing the paint, and other markers were purchased as "empty" markers that I filled with custom colors I mixed using Golden's High Flow and Fluid Acrylic paints. 

This painting is in my personal collection, but the image is available on several items on my Red Bubble store.

Paint Marker Exploration 

Non-Refillable Markers 

I discovered Acrylic Paint Markers this summer while taking an online class from the Sktchy Art School. 

Markers made by Posca come in 8 pen nib sizes, 5 different nib shapes (including a brush tip!), and 55 different colors. (Note: Not all of the colors are included in every nib size and shape.) They are a lot of fun for mark making in art as they have good flow and coverage with opaque, water-soluble paint. Colors can be mixed on the support (canvas, paper, glass, , textiles, cermics, rocks) as long as the pigments are wet. Clean up is a breeze, with almost no mess. The nibs may become dirty if mixing paints, but they are easily cleaned by rinsing them with water. Baking in an oven will make something on glass or ceramic permanent. 

Liquitex acrylic paint markers come in 55 colors and 2 pen nib sizes. 

Markers by Tooli-Art come in over 60 Colors and have two different pen nib sizes. 

All three of these companies have good information about using paint markers, as well as maintaining them. 
Acrylic Paint Markers by Uni-Posca, Tooli-Art, and Liquitex

Refillable (Empty) Markers 

Refillable markers that I use are made by Molotow and Daler-Rowney. These are great for when you want to use a custom color that isn't available to purchase. If going this route, make sure you use a flowing liquid paint, such as Golden High Flow Acrylics. I also add a few drops of Golden's High Flow Medium to the paint and shake vigorously to mix it all together. I also have had success using Golden's Matte and Fluid Acrylics, as long as the High Flow Medium is added. That is the key ingredient to keeping the paint flowing through the marker nib. 
Golden Paints Fluid Acrylic Paints

Refillable paint markers Daler-Rowney and Molotow

Thank-you to everyone who has supported me over the years. This year - 2021 - I will be trying my best to post every two weeks. Have a safe and prosperous year.


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