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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Time to Purge


I always take time at the beginning of a year to clean the studio, rearrange furniture, and purge art supplies I rarely or never use. It gives me a fresh start and mental space to create in the new year.

Sometimes I have tried out a new technique with tools that just don’t work out for me, or I realize that I don’t want to go in that direction.  Today’s finds that will be donated to my favorite art organization include several sets of multicolored pens and markers.  These are items I have tried out and evaluated, and they just don’t make the cut.

Plastic bin of art supplies

I also THROW OUT old pens, markers, tubes of paint, and anything else that only kind of works or is on its last legs.  Tossing stuff is a struggle for any pack rat, and I think it’s particularly difficult when it’s an artistic pack rat.

How are you beginning this new year?

Be safe everybody.

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